Please note: In order to provide you the best service and arrangements, we require at least 4 weeks notice for all wedding orders.

Ordering Wedding Flowers Online

This booking style was designed to allow you to order what you need for your wedding day from the comfort of your home and leave the rest to us!

Ideal for couples who are having more intimate weddings, or who are not overly particular about the exact flowers that they will require in their wedding florals. It is also the most budget conscious!

As the first step, you will choose your bridal bouquet size, then your primary, secondary, and accent colours as well as upload inspiration photos. The colour choices will be utilized in the designing process of all the items that you select in order to develop a cohesive look throughout your wedding!

Some of the benefits of ordering online:

Affordable pricing.

Online orders do not require the many hours of labour required to provide a consult, put together a quote, revisions, ordering, planning, and scheduling (on average about 8 hours), therefore we are able to provide lower pricing options. Keep in mind that we will do our very best to recreate your items to be as similar to your inspiration photos as possible, but with online orders, you do hand over the reigns to us by allowing substitutions to be made where needed, while still maintaining your overall colour scheme and style. (This could arise due to some flowers being out of season, more expensive, or just unavailable.)

Stress Free.

While you are required to pay in full at the time of checkout for your online order, the flexibility of this option makes it easy for you to add components to your wedding at any time leading up to your big day.

Additions can also be made manually if you don’t see what you are looking for.

Saves Time.

You can place your order from anywhere, anytime!! Many couples do not live in Calgary, or simply don’t have time to sit down for a consult, which makes placing your order online the easiest option.

It’s Convenient.

Online orders are convenient because they can be done from anywhere, anytime! This means that if you want to plan in advance and get your order in months before your big day, then we will hold onto your file until the date approaches OR you can order up to 2 weeks in advance and be confident that we will get the job done!

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