Terms of Service

Inspiration Photo Guidelines

  1. Each photo must be in jpeg, png, or gif image format and no more than 5mb each.
  2. Uploaded images are for the designer to reference as inspiration ONLY, the final product will not be an exact replica of the uploaded image.
  3. Please note we do not carry any of the following flowers: gerbera daisy, dendrobium orchids, babys breath, most tropical flowers, asiatic or casablanca lilies, some chrysanthemums, and carnations. If the image uploaded includes these flowers they will be omitted or you will be contacted to provide an alternative inspiration image.
  4. If your inspiration image includes items such as feathers, wire, brooches, artificial flowers or botanical elements they will not be included in the finished product unless dropped of at Amborella week of the wedding.
  5. Please note we do not carry any colour treated flowers.
  6. If the image(s) uploaded include design styles that are not reflective of the Amborella brand you will be contacted to provide an alternative inspiration image. Example: pageant or long cascading bouquets.

Payment Terms

To reserve your event date, we require an online payment for the full balance of your wedding florals.

Quote and Contract Alterations

Amborella Floral Studio personally creates all quotes and contracts specific to the client’s event and provided details. After agreeing to the Amborella Floral Studio Event Service & Rental Agreement, the client is entitled up to three substantive revisions for the charge to the contract involving additions and/or changes to the service.

Additional revisions made after the complimentary revisions will be charged at a flat rate of $30 per request. All additional revisions will be billed separately. Additional revisions will only be accepted by email.

Subsequent to the previous paragraph, Amborella Floral Studio will accept revisions, changes and or additions up to 3 weeks before the event date.
All revisions are to be requested over email to ensure proper care is taken to make the changes to the contract.

Confirmation emails are sent out from Amborella Floral Studio one week prior to the wedding to ensure all information is current and correct.

Decrease in order items/Cancellations

All cancellations and decreases must be done in writing at least 21 days prior to the secured event date. Decreases nd cancellations made after that will be charged a total of 75% of the total balance due. Amborella Floral Studio reserves the right to cancel this contract and refund all monies received at any time we feel that the obligations cannot be met. The client acknowledges that under no circumstance will there be any liability beyond full refund of all monies.


Given the nature of the floral supply industry, Amborella Floral Studio reserves the right to make substitutions with flowers of equal value in the event that the flowers received from the supplier are, in Amborella Floral Studio’s sole professional opinion, not of good quality or suitable for the event. The integrity of the proposed designs and colour schemes will be maintained. If only more expensive flowers are available and are used in any substitution, there will be no extra charge to the client. When creating floral arrangements, Amborella Floral Studio reserves the right to alter the stems and/or the wrap design if the composition does not aesthetically support the original choice (i.e. colour, ribbon and technique).

*Note the photos that you provide to us are used as inspiration for the designers to create your floral items. Due to seasonal availability, we are unable to create the composition exactly as shown in the photos you provide. We will do our best to ensure the overall aesthetic is complimentary to your inspiration photos.


All items rented out to the client must be returned within three days following the event. In the event that they are not returned or are returned damaged the client agrees to pay full retail replacement value.

Flower Maintenance

In order to ensure the quality of your flowers, Amborella Floral Studio has stated recommendations on handling and maintaining the floral items.

  • On arrival, all floral compositions are to be topped with water in case of water loss during transportation. – Flowers should never be exposed to excessive heat, cold or wind/draft.
  • It is important to handle all floral items minimally.
  • Bouquets are to be placed in provided vase when not being handled.
  • Corsages and Boutonnieres must be left sealed and untouched until use (Refrigeration and mist is suggested prior to use, and for overnight keeping).

* Please note that we photograph all items right before the delivery or pickup is scheduled to ensure quality control. After it leaves the studio we are not responsible for any damages.