Bridesmaid Bouquets

Starting at $116

Complete your bridal party’s look with our exquisite bridesmaid bouquets. Made with fresh and premium flowers, these bouquets are expertly designed by our talented florists at Amborella.

At Amborella, we understand that every bride has her unique vision and style. That’s why we offer a streamlined approach to designing your bridesmaid bouquets. Simply share your inspiration photos with us, and our designers will work their magic to create bouquets that match your theme and preferences. We’ll also consider your budget and suggest the best flower combinations and arrangements that will make your bridesmaid bouquets look stunning.

Please note that the size and composition of your bridesmaid bouquets will depend on the types of flowers used. We use a variety of blooms and foliage to create texture, color, and depth. Some flowers may be larger or smaller than others, but rest assured that we’ll make sure each bouquet is balanced and beautiful.

All bouquets are boxed upright and include a vessel containing approximately 1 1/2” of water. Bridesmaid bouquets will be made to compliment the bride bouquet. Similar style, colour and flower choices.

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