Bud Vase

Starting at $18

The perfect minimalistic floral touch! For use on tablescapes or general decor. Bottles will be a random selection of 4 oz. and 6 oz. clear glass bottles. This item comes with three pricing variations as outlined below:

Bud Vase – Vase Purchase: Price of bud vase if you intend to keep your vases at the end of your event. The “all in” price.

Bud Vase – Vase Rental:Price of bud vase if you intend to return vases at the end of your event. Perfect option if you want to save a little on your budget!

Bud Vase – BYOV (Bring your own vase): Price of bud vase- flowers only- if you intend to supply us with your own vases. By selecting this option please note that vases must not exceed an opening of 2″.

*Price per bottle. Customization of bottle sizes is unavailable. If selecting the vase rental option, return of vases must occur no later than 3 days post wedding. Failure to return vases or damage to vases will result in additional charges. 

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